Engaging Ideas

for Education


This site is designed as a community sharing tool for learning with ENGAGING IDEAS.  That’s meant as a double entendre–the ideas are engaging and/or ways that engage students–and ideally both!

The Lesson Plans Site is a blog designed so that you can access plans (based on categories–small now–but it’ll expand), comment on them-what worked, didn’t work, recommended changes or adjustments, and you can post your own!

Eventually we hope to develop a sophisticated category system as well as added links to other sites that have resources.  Feel free to share suggestions.  We’d like to add grade and subject specific categories as well.

We start the school year with ways to use the Olympics  (but no need to limit contributions to that!)

Lesson Plans vary from ones that are plug and play and ready to go.  To ones that provide links to all the information you’ll need, which should save much time, but leaves the structural details up to you. Of course, depending on the age of students and the subject matter, you may need to customize any lesson plan–in all cases, we’re interested to learn what you did and how it went, so feel free to post comments!  Plan will be edited/updated to reflect feedback from comments.

If you’d like to become a contributor, please use the Contact form!

If you’d like to get notified monthly about the most recent lesson plans added and ones that might be timely, please subscribe to our list.  Just one email a month is all you’ll get (maybe on rare occasions two a month).







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