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Olympics measuring, comparing and analyzing medal counts

During the Olympics a country medal count is standard.  Though countries may rearrange the count priority to make them look a bit better (see below a German by Gold ranking and a USA by total medal ranking).

Many links and jumping off points are offered here.


German newspaper rendition:  Germany #5 (US #2)


US newspaper rendition: U.S.  #1 (Germany #6)









image credit:  http://rubli.info/blog/2008/08/24/patriotism-olympic-style/

There are number of interesting graphical representations using Excel that show performance in a way that will engage students–and students can dig back into the data.  Best of all, the excel files are available for download!

Here’s a link for the 2012 Olympic games from the UK Guardian: http://www.guardian.co.uk/sport/datablog/2012/jul/30/olympic-medals-visualised-guardian


Excel Visualization of Olympic Medal Count (through 2008, but includes prior Olympics–can compare years with results shown on globe): http://www.enterprise-dashboard.com/excel-visualization-of-olympic-medal-count/











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